I had one that said "TRY US!", with a picture of a Bengal Tiger's head with the his ears down growling.  It meant that I was born in the Swamps of South Louisiana and had fought in Combat with the Louisiana Brigade.  Louisiana's Soldiers offical emblem is a Pelican pulling it's own breast out to feed it's young, but during the Mexican American war the American's started calling the the Washington Artillery of New Orleans the Tigers, because of their agrression in combat and it spread to the whole Brigade, because of our hatred of the Mexicans for killing some of the Crescent City Rifles Soldiers (Part of the Louisiana Btigade) at the Alamo (they fought to the last man).  By the US Civil War Confederate General Stonewall Jackson allways reffered to the Louisiana Brigade as his Tigers.  The name stuck and to this day Louisiana's State Univerisity's Football Team calls itself the Tigers.  Later when I got my Officers Commission in the US Army I had to have it removed, because visible tatoos are not considered approprate for a Gentleman let alone one from so notorious a Unit.  Luckily you can still see the scar where it was, because they are such deep tatoos, as they were put on with a sharpened ice pick at the unit.  I would not get any other tatoo, but one day I will get that one restored, but only at the Unit, after they come back from combat overseas.