I saw that tattoo yesterday … I always google slavic pagan tattoos from time to time to see is there something new … there is very little amount of em. Anyhow I was wondering , that perun sign , can it be found somewhere engraved in stone or something? Does any one know the origin or has some picture of it?

I haven't seen it anywhere (as an original) till previous week, when I read about <a href="http://www.slavorum.com/index.php?topic=1291.msg13973#msg13973">Ducové's magnate court</a> (9-11th century) in a book and I saw there a photo of a ring with this Perun's thunder-mark which was found there. I need to get the book again and copy that site to put it here. The photo was of poor quality, but I was able to recognize the symbol very well, moreover description was like ring with a magical symbol (so sad, Slovak historians ignore it, it might change /religious/ history of the court – they built a church, but they still wore pagan symbols).

[size=7pt]..there's a Thor's hammer together with Perun's thunder-mark..  ::)[/size]