I saw that tattoo yesterday … I always google slavic pagan tattoos from time to time to see is there something new … there is very little amount of em. Anyhow I was wondering , that perun sign , can it be found somewhere engraved in stone or something? Does any one know the origin or has some picture of it?

As I promised, here's the photo of the ring. I apologize for low quality, but anyway I hope that everyone can see lines and dots – <a href="http://www.zalevno.cz/image/5089/508918.jpg">basis of the symbol</a>.

Ring with Perun's thundermark (Gromoviti znači) from municipality Ducové – Kostolec, Slovakia (originates in the 11th century in a magnate's court in Nitrian principality that became a part of a new state of Hungarian kingdom).