I feel tattoos should be a personal thing. I have two tattoos. One very large one on my left side.
I also have an OM on the back of my neck that I got when I was 18. It was appropriate then.  And while I still love the symbol, that tattoo is faded. My skin rejected the ink actually.  I'm getting it covered up soon with this:
This is just a rough concept I thru together one day in PhotoShop to get a feel for the idea I had in my head.  Around it in Pannonian Rusyn dialect it says "In honor of my ancestors" but my goal would be to locate the area my family came from (PO or UA) and use the dialect from there. That's why I haven't rushed into getting this tattoo yet.
I wouldn't mind a delicate embroidery pattern round my wrist or something.  I've also contemplated getting something on my right side that's Slavic themed, also – a mix of Christian and pre-Christian Slavic symbolism.


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