I’m feeling sorry for @”Rex Hatson” (and our Macedonian members in general) right now! Don’t worry, mates, we all have such people who make our countries “proud”! You’ve probably even seen some of them online, just like this guy isn’t our first either.

Btw, @Sviatogor – Mate, what do you think, is there some connection between the Severyani in the north and the Severi in Moesia (who, along with the so-called “Seven Slavic tribes’ were mentioned in regards to the creation of Danubian Bulgaria)? Likewise between the Dregoviches and the Draguviti in Macedonia? Too bad Poliani is such a general name though – my Shops from the Sofia field were traditionally called Polyantsi and, I think, the Hartsoi from Moesia as well, but that’s obviously because of their geographical features.

@Shaokang – I completely agree with you, except that I don’t see how exactly they’ve “won” their piece of land. Do you mean the bloodless secession from Yugoslavia and, I presume, the diplomacy that entails?


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