Let’s take a look in the list of phone numbers of Greece, shall we?
I will start with the 3 examples of last names i mentioned above and i will give you other 2 (as a present :D )

Last name Zaroulias can be found basically in Peloponnese, a few places of Macedonia and Athens (due to internal migration) *density of phone numbers per 10000 phone numbers

Last name Kutinas is present in Thessaly and Epirus (and Athens, Salonica, due to internal migration)

Last name Pliatsikas mostly found in Thessaly and Epirus and a couple of places in Macedonia (and Athens, Salonica, Rhodes, due to internal migration)

Another last name mostly found in Thessaly is Μπρούζας (Bruzas), possibly coming from Broz (the last name of Tito).

Another last name you find in Greece is Χαρβάτης (Harvatis). I think no further explanations are needed for this last name. Mostly found in Peloponnese and Thessaly.