@JJAskiz Thanks for those posts on Tzar Samuil, while I agree that the “administrative centre” of his empire was mainly around the current Republic of Macedonia, its not really clear in those articles that he actually called his Empire a Macedonian Empire.

As for the Rosetta Stone, I’m still not sure I believe that either.  Our slavic language entered the Balkans around 600AD, which was well after the Alexander era or when the Rosetta Stone was created.

Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with historical roots
being a combination of Bulgarian or Slavic, obviously the region had other influences to later form
a new Macedonian identity.

Do you have any information on the Bitola inscription? And why the people of Bitola in 1015AD/1016AD were referred to as Bulgarians in that artefact?

Have you read about the Early Slavs of Aegean Macedonia in the siege of Thessaloniki in 617AD/618AD, where they teamed up with the Avar’s, and most likely assimilated them into our Early ancestors.  Does that make us Mongols/Tartars also?