@JJAskiz I’m just curious on a few things about Macedonian history, maybe you can help me.

Tzar Samuil is disputed as a Bulgarian Tzar and a Macedonian Tzar.  Yet, the records from the Byzantium Empire refer to their Emperor as the Βουλγαροκτόνος – meaning “Bulgar Slayer” in Greek.  Why would the people of Byzantium call their own Emperor the “Bulgar Slayer” if Tzar Samuil identified as Macedonian?

What is your interpretation of the references to the Bulgarians living in Bitola in the year 1015/1016 AD as per the Bitola Inscription? 

Also, I was reading through some of your links, some were interesting, in particular where it claims that Macedonians can read the Rosetta Stone.  Can you actually tell me that you can read and decipher the Rosetta Stone inscription that is allegedly written in Ancient Greek?  If it’s in Macedonian, please tell me what it says, I can’t decipher it.