Thanks for the information, i will read it later on.
For example, the croat word for bulb is žarulja, while the Serbs use the word sijalica.
In Peloponnesus, southern Greece, you find lot of people with the last name Ζαρούλιας (pronounced zarulias).
There is a member of greek parliament, coming from the mountains of Peloponnesus, with the name Eleni Zaroulias. As you can see in the photo, she clearly has croatian characteristics.

Another example is the last name Κουτίνας (pronounced kutinas), very common in Thessaly. Kutina is a city in Croatia and the name of a tree in Slovenia and Croatia.
The “greek” champion of karate, Mihalis Kutinas, coming from Tirnavos (greek spelling of Trnovo) in the image below.


Also look at my avatar. He is a greek football player, that was member of Greece’s national team and his name is Vasilios Pliatsikas (Pljačkaš).

All these people have been brainwashed from little kids that they are all the same with Albanians, Turks, Romanians, Arabs and other ethnic groups of Greece.