As far as i know, Stalin and Tito did some things to help Slavs (basically Macedonians, Bulgarians and Serbs) that live in greek part of Macedonia and Thrace. They never did anything about the Slavs that live in central and southern Greece (who basically are of Croat or Slovene origin).

Yes, i recently found about Fallmereyer and i think he is right in most of the things he claimed. I can tell you there are some thousands of people of slavic origin, even in southern Greece, like Peloponnesus, but they have been brainwashed for centuries by the greek state and most of them have no idea of their true origins.

Those who came from Asia Minor were not all Greeks. Basically they were christian Turks, Persians, Arabs or other Asians and a few Greeks and Armenians etc. Another myth of greek history books is that Asia Minor was from ancient times greek, so christians of Asia Minor were Greeks. They were Turks, Persians, Arabs or Azeris that were christianized by the Byzantium Romans, the so-called “Turkopoli” and many of them spoke only turkish (the so-called “karamanlidika”). The governors of Greece for decades, the Karamanlis family, were from there. The Karamans is a turkish-azeri tribe and they come from there. When they came to Greece, most of them did not know a single word in greek.
Kissavo comes from words
kiša = rain and ovo = here
š is written with a double s in greek.
The Byzantines and the Ottomans basically brought Albanians and Romanian Vlachs in order to “control” Slavs. But the Slavs were moving to the mountains, were they could live in a semi-free condition. Note that Greeks were also against the Byzantine Romans, because they were destroying their civilization and temples and killed them. They were allies to the Slavs, who -at least the first centuries- were also pagans.