logic, but in my home religion was never a crucial factor, it was talked about, but not too often. Ever since I can remember I always went with answers science offers to my questions, not some mythology. When I was ten I was sure there is no deity, simply there was no evidence there is one, neither I had a need for one. In those days I still attended Sunday school regularly, so it brought me “back on track”, I guess religion’s strongest trait-fear got the better of me. At one point I was a very strong believer, but still I never believed in biblical myths from the Old testament. During High school my faith was weak and I questioned it often, I ended up identifying as simply Deist, I think theist agnostic would be proper term. In last two years I stopped believing in any deity, I overcame my fears and accepted the fact that our life and our awareness ends with death. Our mind and what is known as soul is just bunch of electrical circuits and chemical reactions. I have no need for a god, I am enough of a human to be moral without fear of eternal suffering and enough of a human to stand by my actions and not blame some demons. 
I never identified as an atheist and I don’t think I will, if someone asks me (or threatens me with hell) I simply state that I’m non-believer, although nevernik (Serbian) can be translated as “infidel” too, so I don’t know which one I will use in English.