Residential sales could indeed be a potential problem, if there are massive buyouts by people from nearby countries. F.e. some people here were worried after the conflict in Ukraine that supposedly some 500 000 real estates in Eastern Bulgaria are owned by Russian citizens and one day some little green men might decide to come and free their brethren here as well. Not to mention that the owners of these estates could in time gain local citizenship and voting rights and exert considerable influence on the country’s political life. Whether that’s a realistic problem or not – can’t say.

Otherwise, among the things I’d change in my country would be to add an education census on voting rights – you’d be able to vote only if you have a valid diploma for middle education (respectively, much stricter control over who gives diplomas and how). Eventually this could in time lead to a more technocratic approach, where high-ed specializations could exert a greater voting weight, particularly in regards to specialized votes (so if there’s a referendum on nuclear power, f.e., an engineer’s vote would carry a greater weight than a doctor’s one).