If you wonder about the etymology of any Slavic word, just check the dictionary.

Search for the specific word you’re looking for in Wiktionary, it should be in there, it has many entries. But, however, if the Wiktionary doesn’t have an entry for the word you’re looking for, then check out “Derksen’s Slavic Inherited Lexicon” which is freely available online.

If you can’t even find the word in there, then check Этимологический словарь русского языка, Макса Фасмера, it’s in Russian, and it’s extreeemely good and has indeed a very very large amount of words. However, if your word can’t even be found there, in that case, check out Трубачёв… there is everything in there 😆

Of course, you could search for your word directly in Трубачёв, however it might take you more work to find it. Wiktionary is the simplest option of all of these and the easiest to browse and find the needed word.

Also, there’s an another option, if you’re just looking for a word found only in a specific Slavic language, and not a general-Slavic word – then you could find an etymological dictionary of that language in specific, which are also, usually freely available on the net. If you can’t find any of these you can surely ask for help here.

Now I hope I’ve gave you more help and direction to be able to find the wanted words on your own, and not have to start threads for every single word.. hehe…

However, even so, if you still have questions with any of the words in particular, feel free to ask. :)