The situation of Ukraine is even more unpleasant than you might think;  in the worst case, they could lose everything. The whole situation is not about the conflict with Russia, nor the competition with Poland or the rights of the Rusyns (whose movements are tolerated, by the way, because the head of the SBU is himself one of them). It’s a mishmash made to put distrust among all the Slavic states. Right now, each of them is a victim and a conjurer and a dirty mind can imagine tons of intrigues centered of this situation. The only ones who only have benefits are the romanians. There is a solution to all these, a solution that would bring stability and prosperity to the whole area and to Europe and who would also make it a better friend with US. Until someone will find that solution or ask the right person, remember this: for your own good, don’t take too much heat against Russia, trust Poland (especially the current regime) and Hungary (idem), beware of Romania, Dugin, Greece, the Pope (not the catholics!) and somewhat Serbia and keep an eye on circles from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Montenegro and Macedonia – like I trust the country, but if something looks wrong about a person, I diss it.