Communists weren’t a special breed of people, they were just ordinary Serbs or Croats

Of course, they were o:)
Also ordinary people should not sit in government. They should mow the fields or work in factories.

If they destroyed Serbia, as you claim, anti-Communists, the real Serbs
of today, are doing the really good job, in the last 25 years, to repair

Just a few politicians sitting in the government are real anti-communist, liberal and meritocratic. A lot of communists and their heirs just switched the armour for the new shiny one. Currently you have direct descendent of Serbian Communistic Party being part of the current government.

I can see, most of you are just critical of the system but you all fail
to take into account the very simple fact; If it wasn’t for Tito and the
Partizans, all your relatives, parents and grandparents would just be a
Russian bitches (at least for 40 years).

Theories, theories, theories… :*

I couldn’t care less about Communists or Communism but I don’t like
ungrateful people, and I like to give a credit where credit is due.

They deserve no credit.