@GLK yea they will be hard to beat but experience in finals and semis  goes along way in grandlsams. I hope Nadal wins it all, though Im a big Federer fan as well so either way I’d be pumped to see either of em win. 

@Dušan people see Federer as a jerk? Haha probably because he told djokovics parents to be quiet, though they deserved it, they were screaming like crazy. I can’t see Federer as a jerk though. I went to the US open once and was waiting right next to the practice courts to get autographs. You can tell who is a jerk and not by the way they treat the fans. Federer was by far the nicest from all of them, Nadal was really nice as well but you can see he’s more shy. Roddick was a jerk though lol. Djokovic was just like on t.v, pretty nice guy but has a big ego.