Shaokang “…Communists literally destroyed Serbs and Serbia so how come Serbia wouldn’t be better off if they didn’t happen?”
Yugoslavia doesn’t necessarily mean communism. Communists weren’t a special breed of people, they were just ordinary Serbs or Croats…If they destroyed Serbia, as you claim, anti-Communists, the real Serbs of today, are doing the really good job, in the last 25 years, to repair it.

I can see, most of you are just critical of the system but you all fail to take into account the very simple fact; If it wasn’t for Tito and the Partizans, all your relatives, parents and grandparents would just be a Russian bitches (at least for 40 years).
Xekoslav made me laugh when he talked that Croatia should have been a democratic state after the war. Haha, in 1945. You would all be under the Russians, and now go and ask your Slavic friend whose parents experienced Russian rule, and cry how somebody was afraid to go in church (BTW, that’s proven BS, you couldn’t be in party if you were going to church but that was all)

I couldn’t care less about Communists or Communism but I don’t like ungrateful people, and I like to give a credit where credit is due.