I don’t know whether you are Serb, Slav or something else but Serbs weren’t pro-Yugoslav. Communists literally destroyed Serbs and Serbia so how come Serbia wouldn’t be better off if they didn’t happen? The psyche of people changed because of their rule. Communists made greater damage to Belgrade infrastructure then the Nazi’s. Communists killed more innocent people then anyone else. They didn’t respect anyone. You can find a tragic destiny of and old, retired Serbian field-marshal Petar Bojovic and how he was killed by partisans. They had no respect for the people either – all property was seized and all the work kingdom invested to create single book of real estates/assets was burn by comrades (just to clarify a bit Ottoman empire has tapija system and AH empire had cadastre and they were different so they had to make a unique system), stopping us to become a step closer to civilized world. I could write a novel what they did wrong and what they did right. Bottom line is they did more wrong then right towards us. So no, they were not Serbs, perhaps some degenerates were but majority weren’t.

My grandparents lived in Belgrade. People were afraid to visit churches. Nobody wanted problems.