@Dušan: The TO in Serbia didn’t play a major part in the offense until the end when it was deployed by the JNA as an occupational force along with paramilitaries (Arkan, Seselj’s thugs, etc.) Are you saying your city on the Serbian side of the border was shelled? Which town or city was that? 

@anna25: thank you for clearing up some of your positions. Not only do you have a romantic view of communist Yugoslavia you also seem to have this view of “heavenly Serbs” that can do no wrong and any wrong attributed to them is merely Western media propaganda or half-innocent naivety among the noble Serbs. This baby coddling view of the Serbs isn’t very unique and typical of revisionists that cling to ideologies that tend to be Anti-Western. Ideologues of this persuasion see the Serbs as their mini ideological anti-western champions in the Balkan microcosm. People that typically hold this view are Serbs themselves, anti-Western ideologues, and communists. I’m sure you’re one of these or a combination of some of these. ;) If you’re an ideologue or communist then the reality is you don’t really care about the Serb nation but rather see them as useful tools in expanding and confirming your own ideological stances. 

The events that led to the siege of Vukovar are far more in-depth than the murder of the Osijek Police Chief which are months apart from each other. The reality is that JRK (Josip Reihl-Kir) was summoned to a Serb village called Borovo Selo to investigate the shooting of some Croatian police officers that came from Vinkovci who themselves were investigating the already ongoing uprising in Borovo Selo. Borovo Selo was entrenched and Serb flags (not Yugoslav) were hoisted up at all its entry/exit points along with local Serb paramilitaries and paramilitaries from Serbia which it hosted. It was far more than just “protecting” themselves, they were setting up for a military operation that would eventually join up with the JNA once they were officially involved. All of this was confirmed by the Serb JNA General and Minister of Defense Veljko Kadijevic who’s plan was to steamroll Croatia all the way to Zagreb and force an unconditional surrender allowing Serbia and the JNA to determine their western border without compromise. Eastern Slavonia was to be their staging ground to sweep the countryside to Zagreb.

There is so much detail to this that it’s virtually impossible to cover in a couple short posts especially with an ideologue like yourself. JRK was heroic in his intentions but incredibly naive as he was just uncritically accepting anything the Serb and Yugoslav commanders were telling him. His killer was an extremist with ties to Croat extremist groups in Australia and not an official agent of the Croatian government. Croatia’s elected government party had virtually no representation in that part of Croatia (not even one of the 5 county seats). The county government was occupied by mostly Serbs (despite their over representation when compared to % of population) and Yugoslav orientated Croats. In other words, Serb politicians had significantly more influence in that part of Croatia than Croat politicians. The murderer was finally arrested and imprisoned for life by a Croatian court in 2008.