Xekoslav “…It’s illogical for the Croats to constantly break armistices in Vukovar against a much more powerful military as there’s nothing to gain…”
It’s also illogical to kill Josip Reihl-Kir but you had to start and keep on the war going. There are many other examples of illogical; muslim’s government bombing it’s own people in Markale…actually, nothing was illogical for people who understood how media and propaganda works. And they all understood that apart of naive/stupid(no offense) Serbs.
Shaokang Serbs had invested everything in Yugoslavia and they felt Yugoslavs. There is no shame in that. Now it looks like the bad investment but they have nothing to feel sorry about. Individually, Serbs are the most interesting people in the former Yu, collectively, they are just pathetic, they can’t manage themselves. They wouldn’t be better off had they choose to ignore Yugoslavia and concentrate only on Serbia.