Hi folks.  Thank you so much for this post.  It’s been very helpful.  I’ve been looking into acquiring Croatian citizenship through ancestry.  I was born in the U.S., but both my parents were born, raised, and got married in Croatia (Yugoslavia back then).  I sent an email to the Croatian Embassy in DC, asking them if I was even eligible to apply for citizenship (I’d hate to start the process and write a check ($306 USD apparently), only to find out I wasn’t able to apply), but they responded with hyperlinks to the Croatian Interior Ministry website on citizenship.   They were certainly in no mood to help (not a good sign).  I have a decent understanding of the language, so I’ll read through the site they suggested, though I was hoping they’d give me some sort of path to follow; this can’t be the first time they’ve been through this;  It all seems like an overwhelming task;  If anybody has gone through the process, I’d love to hear your thoughts on where to start. Looking forward to your help…Srdacan pozdrav.