@Shaokang when it comes to religious holidays. Serbs did that to themselves, not communists. People from my family were religious, they went to church regularly and nothing ever happened to them, because they were a minority and there wasn’t anyone trying to suck up to the people above them and show that they are the best communists (more catholic than the pope). Same those people who “prosecuted” religious Serbs became the biggest believers during the 90s. This only happened to Serbs and not just in Serbia, but it didn’t happen because of communists, but because of Serbs.
@Xekoslav As I mentioned earlier, I live on the border. All the JNA weaponry and army that went to that battle had to go through my town, most of it was stationed here for some period. Our territorial defense was active in what’s now Vukovarsko-Srijemska županija, which shouldn’t have happened if you ask me, since it’s TO. This town was bombarded during that battle and curfews were active. Based to our proximity to the place of event, I trust my father, even though he didn’t participate in those fights. But this is no place for that, I agree.