@Shaokang, you have me curious now. Is there evidence for all these arrests and forbidden holidays for only the Serbian Orthodox faith in Yugoslavia? I never heard of such a thing though I do know Catholicism was not well respected by the authorities due to ties with the Vatican and it’s anti-communist stances. In the aftermath of WWII many Catholic priests were killed or ‘went missing.’ My grandfather’s brother was a priest and was subsequently burned alive in the church in his village along with civilians and injured ex-fighters by communist savages. The Alozije Stepinac drama which caused Tito to cut off all diplomatic relations with the Vatican until 1970s. Tensions were high again in the 1970s as the Yugoslav government once again blamed the Vatican for supporting the rise of Croatian nationalism via the “Croatian Spring.” The overall non-Catholic Yugoslav perception of the Church and the Vatican was highly negative as they were typically associated with war crimes, fascism, bigotry, etc. in the Yugoslav media. Call me crazy but I don’t recall the Serbian Orthodox Church receiving the same level of scrutiny but maybe you can share something in that regard. 

@Dusan – Your father’s account doesn’t seem accurate at all. I know this because I have extended family and friends that fought in that area and one guy even participated in the city’s defense. He was murdered afterwords but he describes the circumstances in letters to his wife. It’s illogical for the Croats to constantly break armistices in Vukovar against a much more powerful military as there’s nothing to gain. Nearly everyday there was shelling because the Yugoslav/Serb side didn’t want any supplies, not even medical/food aid, going into the city. They wanted to strike fear and hopelessness until the resistance abandoned the city (attrition). The JNA commanders could’ve taken the city a lot faster with all their weaponry and competent commanders but they wanted to break the morale of any resistance not only there but everywhere that would follow to send a message. That ended up backfiring. Yep, I know the ‘other side’ has their arguments too but at least you didn’t completely get the sides mixed up like some other Serb I talked to. lol