When Yugoslavia started to fall apart Serbs in Serbia mostly didn’t knew they were Serbs. Only about 20% of them did knew and had clear idea who Serbs are and who they themselves are. Most of the Serbs are still Yugoslav nostalgic (apart from those 20%), and quite frankly even though most of them self-declare as Serbs they got nothing in common with the Serbs of the older times. Serbia is probably only country with the complete loss of national values and as long as its like that other will “ride” us. Thus its pointless to go into deeper problems Serbia is currently facing.

Croats on the other side always had some sort of self-recognition. Communists didn’t arrested them for going to churches and celebrating their holidays like they did to Serbs (or not as much as they did to Serbs) and also Serbian territory was fractioned into autonomous regions of Vojvodina and Kosovo, Central Serbia and Macedonia. In general I think communist did more good for the Croats then the Serbs, although they used Nazi methods for whoever they considered dangerous or useful. Of course there were good things in Yugoslavia too, free education, industrialization and general rise of living standard, but I think it proved unworthy of all the losses we all had.