@Xekoslav never argued with you. Don`t go and keep doing good work <span>:wink:</span>
@anna25 So it is a crime to be a Slav and Catholic? Why mentioning USA and Germany? Putin ass is sweeter or what?
@Dušan in the end people are dead, reasons means nothing to them. Communism leaved a much bigger amount of dead rather then fascism/nazism, and in that sence both of ideologies. Regarding srbo-četnički and jugo-komunisti, a rather big amount of Croats were in Četnik movement and before communist Yu there was royalist Yu. Just kidding…  :D
That terms aren`t simply propaganda, they are result of our experience from Homeland war. Result of that was our own historical narrative. In siege of Vukovar you could easily see a communist and serbian royal emblems side by side. One of the examples…