An interesting read:

While its not specifically related to Bosniaks only it discusses Poles in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

What I find interesting is that there were thousands of Poles in Bosnia and Herzegovina before World War II but today only remain a couple hundred (between 200-500 estimated). In World War II the majority of the Poles served under the communists because they feared the German authorities in the NDH and NDH authorities were relocating them to Croatia(Slavonia) due to religious policies. Gradually the Poles grew disenchanted with the communists in Bosnia and Herzegovina because the communist authorities did not guarantee them special minority rights and considered non-South Slav populations ‘insignificant’ in the territory they controlled even though the majority of Poles fought for the communists in BiH. Towards the end of WWII about half the Poles in BiH left for Poland to repopulate former territory held by Germans. The rest of the Poles were terrorized out of their homes by mostly Serbian Chetniks. The Yugoslav communists gave the Poles some mock protection but it was virtually ineffective. Later the communists in Yugoslavia refused to pay the Bosnian Poles (most of which were communist partisans) any kind of compensation for their homes (now mostly occupied by Serbs) and the communist government even demanded that the Poles pay the Yugoslav state for the cattle they took with them (even though Poles introduced modern methods to Bosnia in terms of raising and harvesting cattle). The Poles tried to appeal to Tito but it fell on deaf ears and their numbers plummeted.