This may be my favorite Slavorum article ever! <3 My compliments to the writer and chef! Thank you! Cabbage Rolls – the first Ukrainian dish my dad taught me how to make.  I make it either in a pressure cooker or slow cooker. 

We call this dish “holubsti,” meaning little pigeon or dove. I was told by a Ukrainian lady at the local Orthodox Church that the word “holubtsi” derived from Ukrainian word “holub” meaning pigeon under the influence of French cuisine. French cooks served roasted pigeons and Ukrainians and Russians found more affordable variant of the dish and named it “holubtsi.” Do you think her story is true? 

Anyway, my cabbage rolls (holubtsi) look like this picture. (There are meatless and meat filled varieties of this dish.) Lots of tomato sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and canned green beans from the summer garden. Perfect Sunday dinner!