@Xekoslav as I said, you are the one who streamed this discussion this way, maybe not intentionally, but you did. I wouldn’t say majority of Croats care little for Yugoslavia, I watched several videos of Croatian Sabor and I saw through two parliament elections campaigns. Half of the time Croatian politicians were talking about WWII (as it was still ongoing), Yugoslavia (that UDBA mentioning is almost stereotypical for them) and Serbs. Of course our politicians reach to nationalism a bit during a campaign too, but this is whole another level. Croatia will always be associated with Yugoslavia, it was part of it for some 70 years after all.
Hardcore Serbs as you call them, will always be hardcore Serbs, they aren’t fond of Yugoslavia, they think it was a mistake, they’ll quote vojvoda Mišić and praise him for his stand that Serbs shouldn’t unite with other south Slavs, but just incorporate regions populated with Serbs into Serbia (read Greater Serbia). Only time it could seem like they’re praising Yugoslavia could be when they snap at Croatians, for being ungrateful for liberation in their opinion.
I felt like some of your aggressive comments were aimed at me, like those after you wrote that I’m brainwashed by communists. I find about half of your posts very interesting :smiley:
Anyway, I feel like I didn’t completely explain my position towards Yugoslavia (whole idea, not just SFRY), you described as nostalgic. I think it was a great project and an awesome idea, but somewhat utopian. There were many flaws in many fields, but all in all I do have a positive opinion of it. As I said I’m a pan-Slavic in a sense…