@Dušan, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Differing viewpoints really do not bother me and actually draw me into conversations since I like to discuss/debate in general. What’s annoying isn’t the fact that people have differing viewpoints but when threads about Croatian people are turned into Yugoslavia subjects. I’ve seen trolls insert this nonsense way too many times (I’m not blaming you by the way). People must have not got the memo over the last 25 years but the vast majority of Croats simply do not want to talk about Yugoslavia, care little for it (except a minority), do not want to be associated with it, and get irritated by the JNA/UDBA-loving cult culture of Tito. A lot of Serbs on the other hand are different, they switch their Yugoslavia sympathies like dinner from one night to the next. At one moment they’ll be hardcore Serbs (usually in front of their own) but then open-minded and ‘inclusive Yugoslavs’ in front of others. They lack a strong foundation and solid conviction at least in Croatia, Bosnia, and the diaspora so they blow around like the wind.  I haven’t been to Serbia so I won’t comment about Serbia much. You would know better than me and maybe they’re different there. Btw, @KnezIvan and I probably agree on a lot of things but we also have our discussions where we may not necessarily agree about everything either. I don’t feel like I’ve ever argued with you @Dušan and I find you a interesting poster here and I personally believe you’re rather intelligent.