@anna25 – You’re sure dedicating a lot of your energy to me. Why the obsession? Speaking of self discovery you still haven’t disclosed what kind of Slav you are if you’re even Slavic at all. Chances are you’re either probably some Croatian Serb or Bosnian Serb with wet dreams about “Krajina” but you’re too ashamed to admit what you are (which looks pretty bad on your fellow Serbs from these places) or you’re a Slavophile non-Slav or part Slav that tries to desparatly fit in with the larger Slavic world (with the exception of evil Croats and possibly Slovenes as well of course). Or you could just be some mixed “Yugo” that can’t find an authentic Slav identity outside of the artificial Yugo one.  So you have a problem with Poles and Ukrainians too now? I thought you were a historian? If you are then you should know one of the major reasons Croats have a positive opinion of Germany is because they were one of the first nations to recognize our independence. Unfortunately Germany today under Merkel is a sad state that I don’t care for much. We feel the same way about Iceland and Latvia except they are not as well known to the world as Germany. The reason we like Poland & Ukraine so much is because we have a shared history with them going back many centuries even before Catholicism. http://www.carpatho-rusynacademy.org/rusyns-history.html, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/87/Poland_under_Boleslaw_Chrobry.jpg. Additionally I have some Rusyn background via my gr.grandmother which is a reason I take an interest in Ukrainians and Carpatho-Rusyns. The anti-communist Pope John Paul II was a staunch advocate of Croatian independence and a Slavic Pole himself. The admiration of the Poles is reciprocated as well. Anyway, I was proposing a Yugoslav forum for people like you without a culture and identity so you can at least be included somewhere, even with an artificial identity. You should thank me actually.