Who would have thought that this thread will take us on the self-discovery journey of Xekoslav , its most prominent member? What did we learn about this cultured and neurotic young man? He is Slav, who on his lonely daily routine; flat (built by Tito’s Yugoslavia), shop and PC screen, hates another Slavs. Actually, not all the Slavs. He likes Poles and Ukrainians. He probably never met any of them but he likes Poles, not because they are Slavs but because they are Catholics. He likes Ukrainians, also not because they are Slavs, but because they kiss German and America’s ass. Sometimes he finds himself thinking that no one understands him. He likes Slavs but the Slav’s problem is the fact that they are Slavs and not Germans. Apart of that, everything else is fine with them. Now, as he is going to read one more time the 4th post of this thread, and slowly move to German forum, let’s hope that Germans will accept him as one of their own.