@Xekoslav hej, zeko, don’t push it. Yugosmrdija?! You are the one who started this whole discussion when you said that fellow Slavs always tried to fuck up Croats and yet failed to give an example of that. You’re behaving very dictator like here, you don’t like other people stances and opinions and you want to banish them, to ban them? Very interesting, since at the start you tried to portray yourself as a moderate, neutral guy. There is a clear continuity in conversation from my first comment to this, you were the one pushing it here. I ignored many things, for the sake of the topic, but you just kept going.
Please do explain from what you concluded that I’m brainwashed.
P.S. always loved those Croatian propaganda terms “srbo-četnički jugo-komunisti”… and Anna25 is right here, from all of us here you’re doing the worse thing for image of Croatia and Croats.