@KnezIvan Tito was just a figure, face of the regime, he wasn’t much of a factor after the 50s. People surrounding him did all the work, it’s often mentioned that he never even knew what our own money looks like. Of course there was some prosecution, especially in late 40s, but as a historian you know, you shouldn’t take it out of context. As somebody here already mentioned, all collaborators (except the leaders of course) were given a chance when it was clear how the war will end. And prosecution in Yugoslavia was basically nothing compared to the East, I’m not trying to belittle it with this, just our regime and system isn’t so comparable with classic dictatorship. Tito, that is Yugoslav communists made a cult of personality out of Tito, that’s their biggest sin IMO, if there wasn’t for that we would’ve separated much more peacefully, if it even came to separation. And last, but not least, I could never equate Fascist/Nazi leaders with communist ones (not even Stalin or Kims), simply because first ones killed, that is destroyed people because of who they are, simply because they were born, while “communists” eliminated political opponents, that is ones they saw as such, you have to admit, it’s much easier to conceal your political views than a fact you were born.