KnezIvan To understand history you have to take it from the context of the time when it happened. “Tito was hardly democratic leader…” What do you think, which leader was democratic in 1945? Are you really naive to think that there was any chance for democracy in the former YU in 1945? This was not England or America. “Both Tito and Pavelić were/are in today’s context war criminals, dictators etc…” Firstly, you can’t put those two in the same sentence. I don’t know where did you learn your history, but let me tell you that Tito was no war criminal, on contrary, he was the most respected leader of the 20th Century. What I find interesting is that Serbs, as soon as they hear the name Tito, the smile graces their faces, but they have no particular reason to like him. Croats, such as yourself, pretend that Tito and Yugoslavia never happened, but if it wasn’t for Tito and Yugoslavia, today Croatia would be a small region of who knows which country. NDH was an officially Fascist state. Do you know what happened to Fascist states in 1945? Japan was nuked, Germany was split up…and Croatia was given back Istria and half of the Dalmatian Coast…Djilas and Rankovic made sure that Mosa Piade’s idea that Serbs in Croatia should have their autonomic regions, never realized. So my friend, instead of collectively being arseholes, you should all be thankful for the Yugo Partisans and Tito, because without them, you wouldn’t have Croatia of today.