@anna25 Both Tito and Pavelić were/are in todays context war criminals, dictators etc. Tito ruled from 40s till 80s, Pavelić 4 years. Pavelić was na idiot, betrayel, mass murder and nazi puppet. On other hand, Tito didn`t had anyone above him like Pavelić. Don`t you agree? Tito was hardly democratic leader… Pavelić was worst, and TBH he wasn`t even a legitimate leader, but Tito also wasn`t so good in many things.
When i said master degree i didn`t mean that i`m one and only competent in history. But when you have degree it means that we learned about historical sources, how to recognize them, how “read” them, how to recognize false facts etc, among other things. That is what an average history book reader cannot, or cannot fully understand. According to you it is enough to read medical books to be a doctor.
This Thompson thing i don`t want even a comment, that is below my level