@anna25 Who is talking about Fascist and NDH? That state should never existed. I have master degree in history so i know what i`m speaking. I have thanks for local partisans but i`m not blind… Sadly to say but partisans did a lot of crimes during and after WW2. From 1944-48 in Yugoslavia there was a revolution of bolshevik type. That revolution leaved a bloddy trail. A lot of innocent people died. We cannot overlook that. We need facts, as you said. Yu and Tito was good in some segments for Croats, but on the other hand no one in Croatian history did not order so much killing, imprisoment etc. He wasn`t ljubičica bijela. 
Afterall partisan army in the end of the war was “boosted” with Axis soldiers: Ustaše, Domobrani, četnici, nedićevci, bjelogardejci etc…