what is glowing high in the sky?
is it the Moon or a gray falcon?
A star is falling to his lap.
Is it a star or a young girl?
what is glowing high in the sky?
It’s not the Moon, but a gray falcon.

That’s direct translation of the lyrics.
Ero s onog svijeta is a comic opera in three acts based on folk story. In the story Ero (nickname for Herzegovian) tricks a Turkish woman saying to her that’s he’s from another world (dead) and that he knows her Mujo, but he needs some stuff, so she gives him money, then he tricks a Turk who realized his scheme and came after him and steals his horse. The Turk now on foot returned to his woman and when she asks where is his horse, he responds: “I gave it to Ero so he doesn’t have to walk to the other world”. Now you know everything I know :smiley:

and yeah, they’re dressed in different folk costumes from old Yugoslavia and the album name is “Bombing of Serbia and Čačak” (Čačak is a city in Serbia)