I get where you’re coming from, but trust me I wasted precious minutes on much worse and more meaningless stuff. I like to get to know something I oppose. How can I say I don’t like him, his music or his stands if I’m not familiar with them even slightly? I know there are a lot of people who are doing things you’re talking about, but I’m not that type and trust me when I say, I want to distance from them 🙂 so it’s not as much as justifying what I listen, it’s just stating why I listen in order not to be confused with such people. I know his newer work (pretty much everything from this century) has more of patriotic and anti-globalist note, but that changes nothing for me. I’m a pan-Slavist in a sense, I’ll always speak against chauvinism, especially if it’s aimed at other Slavs, even more so if it’s between two Slavic groups. I admit I like some of the tunes (musically) but there are many musician I don’t listen because of what they represent.