@Xekoslav no, I don’t think I ever commented on any chauvinistic songs. And yes, I’ve listened more than few of his songs. My friends and I used to listen to him when drunk just for fun. We mostly listened most popular ones and some from this album you posted. Knindža was never on the same level as him simply because he doesn’t steal songs, so Thompson could never reach him.. Not that I like his music either, Thompson is genre wise much closer to my taste. I could get pass everything other Perković does, ustashism on his concerts, but stealing other people’s work, that’s just shame for the profession, plus he even stole one četniks’ song…
On topic Svarica too isn’t much of a metal band, but I do enjoy their music, I’ve listened everything they got and I really like it. Although their folk influences aren’t strictly Slavic/Croatian.