Talking to non-Croats about Croatian people (people that have actually been there and/or have interacted with many of us over their lives) the opinion is overwhelmingly positive which is nice to see. I’ve known foreigners that have made special bonds with Croatia and its people and have decided to uproot their entire lives to go live in Croatia and among Croats :). The only thing that seems to give people pause is the high level of Croatian nationalism which is pretty much a huge part of the Croatian characteristic. It’s mostly because they are not used to seeing that level of love for one’s people, country, and culture (especially our friends in the West) and its a bit jarring to them. Nationalism is more apparent and perhaps more extreme with Croats in the diaspora (living outside of Croatia) than within but definitely exists within too. At first I thought nationalism was something we had to ‘defend’ to our Western friends as if its some kind of criticism but I’ve come around. I’m extremely proud lots of Croats are nationalistic and proud. Why shouldn’t we be? We have a stunningly beautiful country and an A+ culture that’s warm and family orientated and that really treasures true friends. We have every right to be proud and to say we’re proud whether in words, song, or action :). It’s merely wise to keep that within reason. There is no reason anymore to let that pride cross over into hate for others and that’s one element I hope becomes less important over time. A bloody war for independence was just a couple decades ago and it’s unreasonable to assume all should be forgiven and forgotten today but there should definitely be progress towards that goal.