There are discussions on the Internet why Lithuanian language sounds Russian. https://s29.postimg.org/d13rei0tz/Google.png

 Lithuanian language sounds Slavic rather than Russian. Lithuanian is  most similary to Belarusian than other Slavic languages  shown by linguists. Certain Belarusian dialects have 1,200 Lithuanian loan-words. Lithuanians removed all Slavisms from their standard speech.  Russian language is compared  in western Europe to Lithuanian  because Russian is most influential Slavic language.

Lithuanians don‘t like to know their language and culture are similar to Slavic. Lithuanians dislike Russians and Poles and Slavs in general.  Exception is Belarusians for some reason.

There is a body of knowledge on Balto-Slavic studies published in former USSR. Lithuanians and Belarusians attracted most attention in Balto-Slavic studies.  One hundred years ago Baltic dialects were speoken in northern Belarus. 400 hears ago Baltic dialects were spoken near Minsk. 1, 100 years ago entire Belarus was Baltic speaking as per linguists and archaeologists. Lithuanian language in 16th century : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithuanian_language#/media/File:Lithuanian_language_in_the_16th_century.png