@srdceleva : Yeah it’s because Zagreb is the only place in Croatia that can be considered a proper ‘city’ and not just a large town since Zagreb’s metro population is over 1 million (about twice the size of Bratislava for reference) Croatia’s second largest city is Split with a metro population of 350,000 which is still more like a large town rather than a ‘city.’ Zagreb residents take pride in that and it sort of gives them a feeling of superiority over other Cros. Add to that the internal ‘rivalry’ of Zagreb itself with the population being a mixture of native Zagrebians and newer residents that only showed up in the last generation or two (many of the new residents being from Bosnia and Herzegovina too). Of all Croatian places, Zagreb probably feels the most “European” similar to other European cities outside the Balkans so you’re going to notice a more urbanized and metropolitan mentality from Zagrebians than with other Croatians.