“Different cultures and societies through history had different views on moral.”

Yeah, like the Afghans that fuck boys. Well, fuck all of them homo-faggots and their advocates. Sometimes whole societies are degenerate and not just sub-cultures. Exterminate them all.

“I have a clear moral position, just you don’t like it.”

I don’t like it because it’s arbitrary and lazy. Pedophiles harm others, and homosexuals harm others and sometimes football hooligans harm both of the above when they catch them and it’s a beautiful thing. Harm when directed at the wrongdoer is justice. Therefore you need better standards than just “harm/no harm”.

“You have a sexual preference for women (I presume)”
Sexuality is not a subject to whim, hence the word “preference” is inapropriate. When it is, then perversion follows. Considering there’s 1 way to do a thing right and a million ways to do it wrong, making a distinction between perverts who fuck animals and perverts who fuck other people in the arse is inconsistent and kind of funny. … Although, I suspect there’s a fair bit of overlap between the homosex and donkey sex community, for example the internet’s favorite mr. Hands of goatse.cx fame died from internal hemorrhage after sex with a horse, I think. How appropriate :D

“Bug-chasing isn’t a homosexual thing. Neither is HIV.”

Is and is too. Let’s be PC and pretend it’s not though.