“Moral decadence is a subjective concept.”
No, moral decadence being a subjective concept is a subjective concept. And wrong.

“They spread the diseases same as normal people, only among themselves”
No they don’t. Anal sex naturally facilitates infection, homosexuals are more promiscuous and have more partners (including women) and some homosexuals willingly infect themselves and others. See “bug-chasers” – it’s a thing.

“I thought you want them to suffer”
I care little about whether they suffer or not.

“Pedophiles harm others”
All of them harm others. It’s not hard to see how either, but the “it’s not wrong if they’re not harming anybody” argument is retarded anyway. It’s not the business of the individual to question morality, it has to remain transcedent, or man will find a way to rationalize his own shortcommings. That’s how you get moral relativism and decay.

“Pedophiles harm others and should be punished as severe as it can get.”
Maybe just the violent ones eh? But punish those extra harshly to make up for giving a pass to the rest of them, because you’re morally lazy and are afraid to stand for a clear moral position.