Dude, I am diabetic, immobilized in my house and on way to lose my feet because the romanians wanted to punish me cause I protested when they fucked my wife. I am Romanian but believe me, I don’t do anything for them. If you would know what they do in Ukraine, Slovakia and Balkans, you would invade them tomorrow. I will give details soon if they won’t let me go. So Nike, there are countries with a dosis of jingoism, but few of them want to depopulate all their neighbours. Believe me, I watch these kinds of forums out of intellectual curiosity for at least 15 years, and there is nothing as it used to be. And of course, the slavic ones were the most radical in Europe, but it’s all gone long ago. And by the way, they are so succesful in convincing others to let them do things exactly because they present you as nationalist and primitive. I saw none of this! aaaaa, if you are not romanian yourself, I wait  your friendly apologies.