Thanks for the phrases. I can understand them. In Belarus we  don’t use swearing words about our mothers.  A typical Belarusian phrase would be “каб цябе ў чыстым полі прышчыкнуўшы» – So you get pinched in an open field.

But we also have a swearing phrase about Mum “fuck your Mum” (“eb tvoyu mat’) for example. Probably a single swearing phrase about our Mums. It’s so unacceptable to us. Belarusian men will fight if something rude is mentioned about their mothers.

We  all love our Mums around the world.  Mothers and children relations  are special in Belarus .  Swearing referencing sexual organs of  Mums is non existent in our culture.

In writing this, I grew up in a traditional family. I remember seeing my older sister naked – her tits and pubic hair when I was 6 and she was 13.  She washed me in bath.