@Sviatogor Well, we had a seminar regarding specifics of language used in swear words, and it always contains something that is a sensitive topic at the time, as you said, mothers have always been important, dogs and other animals in combination with “fuck” reminds us of bestiality, religious figures are self explanatory, and sexual organs are here since sex is and has always been a taboo topic in our society.

I will list some other Croatian swear words/phrases.

Jebo ti pas mater – a dog fucked your mother
Jebo ti Bog mater – God fucked your mother
Jebo ti Isus mater – Jesus fucked your mother
Goni se u kurac (krasni)* not obligatory – Go to a dick
Goni se u pičku materinu – Go to your mom’s vagina
Nabijem te na kurac – I will stick you onto my dick
Koji kurac – used as WTF, and also when there is a sentence/verb afterwards (Koji kurac si to napravio?) it means “Why the fuck did you do that?”
Jebote – Fuck you, but not used in the same context as the English use fuck you
Jebi se – Fuck yourself
Jebiga – Fuck him, but used more like “ehh, fuck it”

I will add more if I think of some.

*note: I do swear, but usually only when extremely mad. The “Jebote, jebi se and jebiga” aren’t considered very serious curses and most of the people here use it on a daily basis.