“Homosexuals have partners who consent to the relationship, unlike the
others, even though origin of the disorder might be the same.”

So what? When too crooks consent to rob someone that does not make them innocent. And yeah, that’s bulshit also. Faggots are promiscuous and have hundreds of partners. They spread disease and moral decadence. They want you to believe they’re just the queer counterpart to normal people but they’re not. There’s normalcy and then there’s perversion, which should be stamped out. They would fuck children if they could get away with it, in fact, the word for a faggot and pedophile is the same pretty much for all Slavs.

“God gave you free will and it’s your choice whether you sin or not
(which is obviously not true, but that’s another matter). But on another
hand, the Old Testament mentions a bunch of times (most famously about
the pharaoh in Exodus, but not only) about God hardening someone’s
heart, so that he wouldn’t repent and would be condemned.”

From a subjective point of view man has free will, because his decisions are his alone. From an objective point of view everything is running exactly as an all-knowing God intended and it cannot be othetwise.

As for the Bogumils/Cathars – no, the material world is not evil. It’s written that God saw it and proclaimed it good. So, food is not bad, but the misuse thereof, drink is not bad but the misuse thereof, likewise laying down with a woman ain’t bad either unless you let it be the master of you.