@Gvarda Your answer lies again in your post – people today (well, some people, at least) consider homosexuality to be an accident of nature (btw, I recently read that some pain-killing pills ingested during pregnancy might cause it, too, as they affect the hormonal balance in the fetus as well), but that’s a very, very, very recent observation. Back then, people (well, some people, at least; usually the desert-dwellers, who had to maximize procreation possibilities and thus also gave rise to polygamy) considered homosexuality a choice and thus a perversion. Which is rather ironic, considering the things you might find in the Old Testament. So it’s not surprising that these old-timey Abrahamics built a moral framework based on Bronze Age “desert” way of life. And thanks to the accidents of history, it came to dominate European mentality even to this day.

As for your question “If God created everything, then didn’t He create gays and thus homosexuality as well?” – Well, that’s another of those very, very complicated theological questions, like theodicy. It’s also the type of question which gave rise to Bogomilism (and, respectively, Catharism in the West). The Bogomils, being dualists, believed that God only created the spiritual world and the Sun, while everything else, this whole Earth and everything in it, was created by the Devil. Thus all our physical temptations, whether homosexual or heterosexual, are basically the work of the Devil. Now, orthodox Christianity… I don’t really know its position on the matter – I haven’t gotten a clear answer so far. And I’ve been wondering about similar questions myself, which are one of the main reasons why I eventually became an agnostic atheist. For example, on one hand you can use the usual cop-out – free will – God gave you free will and it’s your choice whether you sin or not (which is obviously not true, but that’s another matter). But on another hand, the Old Testament mentions a bunch of times (most famously about the pharaoh in Exodus, but not only) about God hardening someone’s heart, so that he wouldn’t repent and would be condemned. So, out goes the free will and consistency and sense… Which brings me back to wondering why people today, especially some homosexuals, are trying so hard to reconcile this primitive ancient framework with the modern world.