Thats not about arguing (sorry if that “Shot and miss” sentence sounded too strong)

Regarding G and H in Czech language:
There are three similar sounds:
“CH” Soft form
“H” Mid form
“G” Hard form

Statistical usage of given characters for Czech is available here: https://www.algoritmy.net/article/40/Cetnost-znaku-CJ
for Slovak is here (as of 1983…): http://www.iskra.sk/duurko/hry/scrabble/skfreq.htm
You can see that Slovak language is a bit softer and you can hear that in spoken language.

Both of these languages are still much softer than Polish : http://www.sttmedia.com/characterfrequency-polish

btw. I was born and grown in Třinec, I encourage you to find that on a map ;-)